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Popular yet controversial site containing information on myspace member that have died, or committed murder. The information gathered is initially sent to the site by friends or family as a sort of online obituary (or the equivalent for murder; I shall not decide on that term for the reader).

Contraversial because several of the people on the site have received disputes over some articles, usually mail aimed at the site owners themselves. The site often gets hate mail from insulted and grieving friends or relatives, or otherwise from disgruntled busy-bodies whose idea of a perfect world has just been shattered, all despite the fact it is initially friends or relatives that contact the site with information.

The information on the site is gathered from public resources, such as myspace or the newspaper, and as such cannot be deemed an "illegal site", despite the wishes of some who would shut it down.
"The only reason I'm on myspace is to get on mydeathspace should the worst happen" - Me.
by Heather Powell March 23, 2007
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2 has links to the myspaces of people who died, or killed someone!
If you go to you'll see that fred is the newest person to have his myspace linked on the site, because he went crazy and killed all of these people!!!
by Joel Greenfield April 29, 2006
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