Top definition is an anime fan site made by some guy who calls himself Xinil that can be found on the series of tubes that is the internet. The website holds many interesting features like being able to have an anime list HURR DURR

It's safe to say the system works and is very useful. The only downside is the community. They're not retarded weeaboos who ThInK$ zOMG K@waII iT$ kEwllL tO T@lk li3K dI$ or ragequit at every other post (at least a majority anyway). Think of it as if Gaians finished college. Since they have a record of their anime stats, they use it to show off how big their e-penis is at any given moment. They look down on those who have seen significantly less anime than they have and render their opinions invalid, which may or may not already be invalid from the beginning. If you really want to fit in, just put Legend of the Galactic Heroes in your top 5 and have it be the only 10-rated anime in your list.

If you thought the community was bad, the episode discussion topics are worse. Why? Because this is the place where those college-graduated, degree-awarded, full grown adult MAL users go to become their inner tantrum throwing 4 year old. They complain about every little thing here, which leaves us to ponder even more why? But I know why. No one on MAL enjoys anime anymore. That's why.
Nub: Hai gaish! I'm new here on! This is my first post! ^___________^

MAL regular: I have taken the time upon myself to descry your personal animelist from whence I had clicked upon your signature. It is apparent that you, new MAL user, have at most 36 anime completed, which happens to be all on my own list, and have only 11.6 days worth of total anime watching. Do come back when you have at least half of my stats.

Nub: O.o
by Blammo Chic February 14, 2010
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Y: You clearly were philosopher stoned.
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