the act of lying around in a food coma to relieve stomach tension caused from overeating
Uggg. After eating an entire red velvet cake, I have to beach my whale.
by dancinglimes April 15, 2007
A legendary vibrator found in a smoke shop in Berkeley, California. There is no other like it nor can it be purchased online. It is twelve inches tall and five inches thick. It costs approximately $39.99.
"Do you know what I saw in that smoke shop?"

"B fucks hardcore with video cameras and 'MY FIRST WHALE'!"
"Man, that's the shit!"
by Latisha Jackson August 11, 2007
The act of doing nothing after eating a large amount of food.
I just ate so much food. I'm going to go home and beach my whale.

I just want to order skip and beach my whale tonight.
by SearchFHG October 25, 2018
My beautiful, amazing, perfect, wonderful best friend Chantal 🥰
Chantal you’re my whale !!
by Jessicagrey November 2, 2020