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Word created by Danielle Storm meaning "Music Vlogger" A person who makes "Covers" And Vlogs "Video blogs" in there videos or on a side channel. :D To see more check out MSDSMusicBlog
Declaration of Muvlogging: (Something new cover artists should say outloud in a recording in order to say THIS IS WHO WE ARE musicians :D WE LOVE MUSIC! And we will scream it from the top of a building)

"We the people of the Youtube community who make covers about music and music commentaries and who love music , in order to form a more perfect united Youtube community hearby call ourselves "Muvloggers" Since there are such things as "Vloggers" To premote political stuff but no word for cover artists that are just as awesome. "
by Danielle Annette July 08, 2012
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