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mutt nif i cent
mutt-nif-uh-suh nt

adjective: most often used by a communicator (speaker or writer) who is multiracial, or a mutt. Non-mutts (if any even exist) may find the term effective as they adapt to the socio-cultural-political multiracial landscape.

1. making a splendid appearance or show; of exceptional beauty
2. superb; marvelous
3. dazzling
4. extravagant
5. grand or noble in thought or deed; exalted.
6. (usually initial capital letter, used as a title of a leader or ruler) great; grand; noble: Deborah the Muttnificent

ME: My English
from muttnificence, splendor, from MLatin muttnificentia
a muttnificent opportunity
a muttnificent novel
a muttnificent view of the city
by muttslikeme March 28, 2009
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