A person who is made up of so many different races that they will spend hours upon hours of explaining every nation their family is involved with. It will eventually end but the person will forget some of the races already explained and repeat them, creating an enless "black hole" of information. Most people won't even know they are a mutthole, but once they find out they will 70% of the time be induced with "Chatter Box Syndrome", having them talk nonstop until you are forced to call them a mutthole.
Dan: Dude, guess what. I found out that my mom is part Indian, so now I can get a tax exemption. Oh, and the other day my dad told me that he has a Greek grandmother. Plus my great grandfather on my dad's side is Chinese, so I started taking karate lessons. Hey, did you know that I'm also Australian-

You: Dude, you're a Mexican and you look full blown Mexican. Stop acting like such a mutthole.
by Chrispumah July 07, 2011
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