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A game that clearly identifies the boundaries between generations and is best played on a road trip or at the retirement home, music or noise involves a broad selection of music and an audience of people that are older than you (parents or grandparents are the best participants). As you and your friends go through the selection of music, ask the old folks whether the songs they hear are 'music' or 'noise' based on THEIR definition of what music is. There is no real objective to the game except to laugh at their reactions when they hear today's popular 'music' (rap and dubstep get the best results). It ends when they get tired of listening to 'noise'. But be sure to include songs that they would know from their good ol' days.
Dave: Ok grandpa, music or noise?

(plays Elvis, and then the Beatles)

Grandpa: Music, music.

Dave: How about now?

(plays rap, and then dub step)

Grandpa: NOISE!!
by Bryan Tibbs April 09, 2014
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