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A haircut for males that came into fashion in early 2010 , the style was pioneered by one Alex Murta who first commandeered this style in late 2009 , who subsequently received comments about the haircut being "nazi" like.

The Hair cut itself consists of short sides cut with the scissors or even a razor with a high number guard. then either the back of similar length or more recently length left on the back for a more messy look. the top of the hair is left longer and messy to create a two layer profile between the sides and top. this style is finished of by a short messy fringe that reaches the eyebrow level.

This style is becoming more popular with the more fashion conscious, as the long straight hair style from 2008 and 09 is becoming more common and less unique.
Chindie: mannn you seen that kid he looks like a pure nazi. thats so uncool compaired to my recently grown "indie" hair even though ive just stopped wearing henleys

cool kidda:nah man thats the murts cut , hes got style, i mean look at his skinnys, there not just topman wannabes
by bigmandoherty May 04, 2010
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