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An annoying roommate who has at least two of the following qualities: obsesses over the price is right and the muppets, listens to mainly 8-bit music/musical soundtracks/muppet songs, listens to loud music while watching tv or playing a game with loud music, listens and sings to music early in the morning or late at night when people are sleeping, acts very immature when upset (hides under blankets and talks to no one), has no respect for person he is rooming with and anyone living close by. No one likes a muppet man, even his friends secretly hate him. If your roommate has two or more of these qualities you should get a new roommate asap.
Ken: Dude my college roommate sucks. All he does is sit in the room and watch/sing along to the muppets at 8 am!

Meg: Sounds like your roommate is a muppet should switch roommates so you can enjoy college!
by Zharky April 06, 2010
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