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This is a week long festival of activities held at your local graveyard once a year. A mungathon is where competative munging can be witnessed. Throughout this week, the stiffest and most talented competators of mungers can show what they are made of. The most popular and televised event is during the use of the mung trampoline. This event shows how truly athletic and talented mungers can be. During this event, mungers are rewarded points with style, height, creativity and power. Mungers can perform backflips on the awaiting victim to accomplish maximum mung facials. One can try and get as much height as possible as well as power on the same muging jump. First place is a sweet and lucrative award. It is a year supply of mung that has been aged to enhance its flavor. (similar to wine, but mung is better) So check your local listings for an upcoming mungathon near you. Good luck, enjoy, and mung safely.
1. I bought my own trampoline over the summer to train for the upcoming mungathon. I need to work on my reverse 180 to take the first place prize to help feed my mung hungry family.

2. Anyone have any comments or answers to this email we recieved last week. Terry, OK. "Does anyone know if there is a special olympics mungathon. Please let me know if there is"
by John and Kyle May 16, 2006
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