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Mung diving is when you and your friend (or enemy) go through the obituaries and find a recently dead hot chick, go to the graveyard and dig her up, lay her next to the gravestone, then you and your friend flip a coin. the loser has to put his/her mouth on the dead girls vag and the winner jumps from the top of the gravestone onto the dead chicks stomach shooting dead juice into the loosers mouth.
swallowing is optional depending on the nature of the bet
fuck you dude, we will settle this the manly way.... were mung diving to settle this
by shadowplyr April 04, 2008
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When two people take a corpse into the desert and leave it there for two or three days so its really gettin juicy. The two people come back. Person Aplaces their mouth on the asshole of the corpse, while person B jumps on the stomach of the body. This causes the entire intestional tract to shoot into person A's mouth
Danny and Shawn were really drunk when they went mung diving last weekend
by Les Miles November 19, 2007
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