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Means "babydoll" or the like in Spanish.
Implies familiarity with the person you are calling muneca (you'd call you girlfriend muneca/la muneca).
Hey Muneca, come over here and give me some love...
by less June 01, 2005
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Spanish for doll or wrist.

This term can be used to either playfully indicate the beauty of a woman or describe someone as homosexual.

The beauty deriving from doll and the homosexuality deriving from “limp wrists”
“Look at Matt standing like that”
Ha, what a Muñeca”
by yaboimbhsykes February 11, 2020
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A beautiful Dominican/Puertorican girl with long wavy brownish black hair , colored eyes, and a beautiful smile with big lips. She got a phattyyyy and some nice 🍒. She good vibes and one to fall in love with.
Some boy: “Ayoo that’s muneca bro?”

Other boy: “yeah shordy bad asf
by munecaissobadddd March 26, 2020
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Literal Spanish translation can have multiple meanings depending on context. Put them all together.



To pull

You were masturbating
by IDunno3215 January 28, 2021
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