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that feeling you get when you wake up in the morning after a night of being way too high and eating way too much. face it, your munchies got the best of you last night, and now your stomach has to pay for it. symptoms include stomach aches, bloating, and pooping - a LOT. munchie stomachs are the worst if you eat right before you go to bed. in the worst cases, a munchie stomach can feel like a severe hangover. avoid munchie stomachs - keep your munchies under control!
"oh man, i woke up with the WORST munchie stomach this morning. why didn't anyone stop me last night when i was eating those 2 pizzas, 17 wings, 6 hotdogs, 2 liters of root beer, and dozen brownies?!"
by somerandomstoner January 28, 2012
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