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An name in the Igbo land meaning "God follows me"..
Similar to names like "Chisom","Esomchi","Chisomagha".
Usually bore by Females.
Can be Unisex too.

An introvertquite restrictive,Underneath their cool.
Calm and collected exterior...
Manage to discreetly stay apart from the crowd,even though thry have a well-earned reputation for socialisers .
They get close to people,only as close as they want then to be.

They usually like but rarely love.
Once they do Love, you'll never see a Love compared to.
Their feelings, fears,desires often run far deeper than any one around them will guess.
The females have lots of characteristics: They could be rude,proud,attractive,breath taking and good kissers

The males: Just weird and nerds
He said,"My Munachiso is such an Angel"
by Chisom, Esomchi January 09, 2017
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