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mulesing. The definition I read was biased and misleading. Mulesing as I know it, is an operation done on Merino (and probably other breeds) lambs to help prevent them becoming flyblown when they grow older. The operation of cutting the skin around the anus area apparently reduces the growth of wool around the area. At the same time, the tail is also ringed with an elastic ring, which causes the tail to drop off.
We need to get the sheep (ewes with lambs) in tomorrow as Fred is coming to do the mulesing.
by Dangin Dan May 17, 2011
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sliced away skin and flesh the size of a dinner plate from around a sheeps anus and tail with a pair of shears and without anaesthetic. Done because the folds of skin around this area are "undesirable" in the wool industry. Truly disgusting.
They were maliciously mulesing the sheep before bringing the sheep in the be slaughtered.
by Jenn January 03, 2005
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