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A word of such magnitude that it has several meanings depending on what part of the world you live in:-

1. Generic name for a Lady garden aka Vageen
2. Where a solid portion of Yellow Muff discharge is deposited into ones lady gusset .

3. The extremely fortunate event where a man vomits into vagina.
1. Oooh errr that's a nice well-kept muffchunk you have their my dear! Why thank you kind sir It’s had one careful owner and has a full service history to match.

2. To avert yet another day of constant floor cleaning I had better wear the appropriate apple catchers to contain all of my muffchunks.

3. Thank you my Darling husband for the Muffchunk let me have a shower and we can do it all again after lunch! We’re having Eggs Benedict. Nice!!!!
by Muffchunk May 04, 2018
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