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One female impedes sexual success of another female. Similar to a cockblock; but the sexes of a participants are reversed.
Melanie was trying get with a fireman, but Addy muffbluffed her.
by Fax Modem March 10, 2008
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A muff-bluff is a situation in which a man or woman falsely assumes or is even tricked into believing that a woman would like to engage in sexual intercourse. The term is derived from the slang word muff or muffin (vagina) and the gambling term "bluffing." While a "muff-bluff" is the noun form, there is there is also the verb form "muffin' bluffin'."
"Oh dude, I was at this party last night with that girl from algebra and she was giving me all the signs that she wanted to go all the way, but it turned out to be a muff-bluff."
by outhouse April 15, 2009
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When a man tucks his genitals between his legs to pose as a female, then exposes his genitals revealing to any viewers the horrible truth.
I was banned from a web chat site because I was tired of dudes flashing me, so I gave them a muff-bluff
by bringerofgoodtimes March 18, 2011
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when one chick prevents another from getting laid by moving in on thier man/woman. same as a cock block but with girls.
Trudy was all over Todd but Gina slid in and gave Trudy a big time muff bluff.
by CuzzyHad2 November 16, 2009
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When a girl fakes an orgasm, she is bluffing her muff muff.
Guys "have you ever been muff-bluffed?" - I would hope not!
Girl " I'm a regular muff bluffer" or "I've never had to bluff my muff"
by MysticalSoleil June 30, 2014
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