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a person in florida. will never love anyone and may turn gay. he may go to a psychic also to reunite with his gay lover. He also calls his friends string bean and foo foo. if he does not reunite with his gay lover he may turn to an invisible girlfriend who isnt even good at giving head.
the mudge fudge attacked the large invisible dildo.
by Danem September 07, 2009
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a really good looking guy, usually an awsome guitar player. any other definitions are null and void.
woooaahhh check out that mudge fudge jeeeez hes so hot.
by nickthe5th September 05, 2009
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When a man goes from the girls anus to her vagina not realising she needed to poop and thus covering his penis with copious amounts of feaces, then filling her vagina with feaces
Was having a great time at the orgy last night, Until when I was fucking this girl I realised the dude before me had filled her with mudge fudge
by Free dude June 09, 2016
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