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One's butt hole. In particular reference to it's ability to produce quality sounds whilst also being capable of producing a substance that at times can closely resemble mud. There are those in the world that possess the ability to coordinate Mud Flutes to produce music in concert that would be then referred to as a Mud Flute Orchestra.
Bob: So what's the quarterly sales report looking like?
Richard: Not bad. We've got...
***Jim from 3 cubicles over rips ass***
Bob: Sounds like Jim's playin' the ol' Mud Flute.
Richard: Yeah. His talent is on a level the likes of which our generation rarely sees.
Bob: Indeed.
by OpenHandSlap November 17, 2017
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The act of defecating in a woman (or man’s) mouth and then having them perform oral sex on you.
I’m glad I skipped the corn at dinner, otherwise the mud flute would scrape my penis.
by JustJamesPa March 13, 2018
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