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An MMORPG game where many people either love it, or play a month then decides it WAY to repetitive. All one does is click to kill monsters, to get cash, which you buy more armor, so one can click on more creatures! Hey if they add any more interesting things to this game, it might be better. However, it is currently free (still in beta I've heard) But if it is in Beta its still quite good. Webzen (creator of the game) once said the game is still 20% done, can't wait till the next 80%.
Try the game out, and see whether you think its good, or just a pile of OMG WHAT IS THAT?!?
by Throndir June 06, 2005
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The best free mmorpg ever.Gosu game!
I've been playing Mu Online for the last 10 hours. It is so gosu!
by Tweak February 22, 2005
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A game that consumes your life and eventually decays your friendships to the point where a little kid named julio follows you all over the internet world just so he can be in the same vent channel with you as you play this gay game.

A game that's pointless because it is endless and gives you no true accomplishment in life other frustrating when you're screaming furiously in vent, "OMG a PK just walked up and killed me!"

some examples:

1) Yeah, my friend Julio used to be the star of the party. He also had a hot girlfriend, and a academic scholarship to Harvard. Now, he is in his mid 20’s still living at home always playing Muonline. Almost never hear from him anymore.

2) Friend: hey dude, haven't seen you in ages, wanna hang out on Monday?
Player: yeah sure, can I bring my laptop?
Friend: why?!
Player: got to be in muoline, i cant leave AFK that long.
Friend: right, no thanks. maybe i can see you another day.

3)Non-WoW player: Hey man, you coming to graduation tonight?
WoW Player: And miss the CS?, i don't think so.
Non-WoW player: What about to the party afterwards?
WoW Player: No way! 7pm to 4am is when I hit up LOT, you know that.

James: Hey Julio, want to go hang out with us at the mall?
Julio: No, I have a 2:00 pm CS event. Plus some guildies and I were going to kill noobs at devias s3. I also need to go get 2 more 2 bless to buy my raven lvl 50. And after that I promised some noobies I would help them to kill kundun at k7.
James: Ok... What about tommorow?
Julio: Sorry, I can't. I'm going to LOT , and then right after that I'm going to BC and DS with some guildmates. And after that, I'm going to try and get a Sunlight Armor at kalima 7.
James: Muonline really does rule your life.
by Elimpune February 16, 2008
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