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the bass sound in pop/rap music in word formate.
commonly used in a subtle, yet effective manner to imply sexual endeavers and/or intercourse.

adding to the orginal two mskmsk, intensifies the endeaver's promiscitiy.

mskmskmsk > mskmsk

can also be seen in past tense: mskmsk'd
future tense: will mskmsk
progressive: mskmsk-ing, or mskmsking.

-can be used as adjective, verb, &&noun.

synonyms: getting some action, intercourse, getting lucky. antonyms: prude, abstinence, innocence.

related words: penisass, parties, bass sound
in a conversation:

used as noun: "hey, syd. you seemed to like bob a bit..get some mskmsk? -nudge nudge-"

used as adjective: 'yeah, i'll admit, atfirst i thought he didn't like me, but then he started to get all mskmsk on me.'

used as verb: "yeah, i totally knew you were gonna mskmsk him from the moment i saw him"
by syait jamedino May 26, 2010
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