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1. Noun. The external sac of skin enclosing the testes in most male mammals. In urban settings today, it is commonly known as the "balls" or a "balls sack" of a male.

2. Adjective. In some settings, this term can be used to say a certain character showed courage or bravery whilst doing an action.
Example of the noun form:

"Susan, my penisass is itchy again"

"frank, I really don't want to know about your balls"

"SUSAN! my penisass doesn't like being called balls, you of all people should know this"

an example of said term in its adjective form:

"You really showed some penisass back there when you saved that kid from the fire, Joe"

"Awe, thanks, man. I try; I try."
by Syait Jamedino May 22, 2009
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