For years MSIE has been a bulgarian acronym for "Mamata si i(e) ebalo", which translates more or less to "This/it is so fucked up!!" Worldwide it is a relatively new term, and stands for "Microsoft Internet Explorer". A short description of how the browser was thus named follows.

During Internet explorer's development, a recently hired bulgarian programmer was looking through the code and murmored to himself "MSIE!" expressing his true feelings about the quality of the product in a language that would not be understood by his employers.

However, a person from the marketing department nearby was working on the task of coming up with a name for the new browser. When he heard "MSIE", he figured "Microsoft Internet Explorer", and felt that it was a perfect name - simple and descriptive. The authorities agreed and so MSIE became the name for Microsoft's browser.
- have you tried using MSIE?
- yes, there was no browser installed and i needed some information quickly.
- and how was it?
- MSIE!!
by Research V May 15, 2007
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>> I use Mozilla, what do you use?
>> MSIE.
>> Don't you know that browser's almost 3 years old?
by QZKotL May 02, 2004
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