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Synonymous with a "smooth operator," Mr. Smooth is a a male who can handle multiple situations in a fashion that can only be described as "Awesome, spectucular, and, above all else, smoooooth".

Mr. Smooth is someone who tends to be "on top of things", and in is usually in control of any given situation. If he isn't in control of a situation, he is a master of "faking it until he makes it," typically resulting in making it more awesome for everyone involved.

Often used to describe an experienced, elegant dancer, Mr. Smooth rarely in trouble is rarely in trouble on the dance floor, or anywhere else, and, when they are, they can usually get out of these situations quickly, elegantly and with a zero percent chance of casualties.
That guy has great moves, both on the dance floor and in life, that's why everyone calls him "Mr. Smooth."
by BigDawg43 March 23, 2017
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