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he is not a doormat that you can step over (a metaphorical term)
no one:
absolutely no one:
by notadoormatperson December 12, 2019
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A mentally ill man from The Lovely Bones. His hair is greasy and his glasses cover his entire face (which nobody wanted to see anyway). He is fat and he stalks/kills little girls.

The following example is from the movie The Lovely Bones. I did not write it.
Mr. Harvey: Oh hey, you're the Salmon girl, right?
Susie: Um, yeah...
Mr. Harvey: Oh hey!! You remember me, right? I live right down the street, in the green house! Mr. Harvey!
Susie: Oh yeah... hi
Mr. Harvey: You know, you're the perfect person for me to run into! I made this cool thing over here, and all the kids in the neighborhood are gonna LOVE it!!
Susie: .....what is it?
-Susie walks over and sees a little door on the ground, leading to a little underground room-
Mr. Harvey: It's a cool little clubhouse. And I want you to be the first one to try it out.
Susie: Really? ok! -goes inside, mr. harvey follows-
Mr. Harvey: How about you sit down here! -susie sits down-

Mr. Harvey: And there's ONE RULE: no adults allowed! Hohohoho. Hmmm. Mmmmm. It's a little warm in here, why don't you take off your coat? -susie takes off coat- You're very pretty Susie.
Susie: -very afraid- thanks......
Mr. Harvey: Do you have a boyfriend?
Susie: ... no
Mr. Harvey: See, I knew you weren't like those other girls! I knew that. Knew that.
Susie: .... Mr. Harvey,
Mr. Harvey: It's nice in here, isn't it? Special?
Susie: Yes, Mr. Harvey. Very special..... i have to go now...
Mr. Harvey: But I don't want you to leave.

And I think you know what happens next!
by sapphiretears March 14, 2010
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