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Mozshin, discovered in 2004 by two Starbooglesoft employees, is a word with multiple definitions and of Russian (emo) origins.

1 - A disease which is highly lethal and easily spread. Get tested and inform all your past partners if you have it.
2 - A spiced food (an aquired taste).
3 - A Russian club drug that will make you see daisies in traffic cones, if you know what I mean. Use with caution, or not at all, unless you're ready for some craaaazy times.
"Dude, that guy frenched a horse when he was on mozshin, and he got a really bad incurable case of mozshin, and now he's lamenting the fact that he has less than a year to live and only one more Christmas to have a traditional Mozshin dinner."
by Thor December 25, 2004
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