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possibly the worst (unknown) place in the states to live. small town in southern iowa, full of 99.9% white (racisit) people. the town is a 'everybody knows everybody' type of place, and everybody backstabs everybody. the school system is full of teachers who do not know correct spanish, google every answer u give to tell you if you're wrong or right, think intimidating their students is an effective way of teaching, and cannot pronouce you're name correctly. the boys are either mindless jocks, nervous nerds, or ugly pot heads/wannabe goth or gangsters. the girls all have brown, blonde, or brown with blonde (spice it up a bit huh?) hair and personalities as fake as their year round tans. if they know the words to 'baby got back' they think they're hard core gangsta. the town is also known for drug busts with crystal meth, quite a few families have gotten kicked out of their homes for having meth labs. the closest wal-mart is about 30 miles away. in mount ayr they have 2 gas stations, 2 grocery stores, dollar general, pamida (a version of walmart but with higher prices and very cheaply made shit) subway, a coffee shop thats okish, and bars/restaurants that keep going under 'new management' but still taste like shit.
you live in mount ayr? wtf is that?
by mini_monster April 01, 2011
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