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An extreme sexual gearhead or motorhead who finds some aspect of internal combustion or vehicles erotic.
People turned on by humping motorcycles, the shape of car bodies, the sound, smell or look of exhaust.
Look at that motosexual, reving and humping his dirtbike and turning around to look at the smoke!
Yeah, that motosexual, ever since he put a cam in his chevelle, he has been driving around with a woodie!
by Pufnblu4u January 26, 2005
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A person who shows symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder and deviant sexual behavior in relation to motorcycling. Symptoms usually persist for up to 6 months at a time (or however long the riding season lasts) but may persist indefinitely. Symptoms may include the following:
-Excessive thoughts about motorcycles, motorcycling and related material
-Disproportionate spending of income on motorcycle related items including but not limited to: new motorcycles, safety gear, performance parts, non-performance parts, race tickets, track days, premium gas, books, videos etc.
-Aimless wandering while on a motorcycle
-Losing track of time while on a motorcycle
-Physical symptoms of withdrawal during long absences of riding

In addition to these motosexuals will also forgo food and/or sex in favor of "quality time' with their motorcycle and often transcend into deviant sexual behavior including but not limited to the following:
-Sexual thoughts and behaviors involving the use of a motorcycle
-Association of motorcycle related items with sex
-Fetishes involving the use of gear such as helmets, gloves, jackets and boots
-Fetishes involving any number of fluids used in motorcycle maintenance especially those in which the fluid is a type of lubricant

Motosexuals are unique in that they are aware of their condition and even pleased by it. Despite the fact that being a motosexual may have an adverse impact on health, family life, work and social life most motosexuals do not seek treatment.
Last week Joe developed motosexual tendencies and blew off Sunday football to go to the mountains on his motorcycle.
by Mel@NCS November 12, 2007
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