1. 4 stroke runs on straight gas, 2 stroke runs on a mix.
2. 2 strokes would be overall stronger then 4 strokes because in a race theres two classes (125 2stroke - 250 fourstroke) and (250 2 stroke - 450 4 stroke) the four strokes have to double there engine size to compete with 2 strokes.

3. 4 strokes have more useable torque, 2 stroke has a strong kicking powerband.

4. 2strokes all around are cheaper then 4 strokes.

5. 4 strokes are usually bigger.

I've ridden both 2 stroke and four stroke and i'd have to say i like 4 stroke better.

2 stroke
Good :
-alot of power
- smaller and lighter
- cheaper

- spark plug fouling
- pre mixing gas
- not as efficient
- not as durable

4 stroke
-lots of torque
-straight gas
-more powerful
-sounds better then a shrieking 2 stroke

4 stroke: Honda CRF450R, Kawasaki KX450F, Yamaha YZ450f, Suzuki RM-Z450

2 stroke: Honda CR250r, Kawasaki KX250, Yamaha YZ250, Suzuki RM250
by Daniel - DJ March 15, 2007
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The act of joining an elite group of people by smoking meth with or without a sibling or a friend and masturbating in front of each other while ejaculating huge amounts of thick hot white semen within only 4 stokes.
David : what you don’t believe me? Neither did my brother unti we smiled together , you should of seen it he blasted a huge load in only 4 strokes, now he believes me

Tom: I really want to try it now and become a part of the 4 stroke gang
by ChileDave June 1, 2018
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The Art of smoking meth and having your brother jerk off infront of you and cumming in only 4 strokes
Tom: My brother didn’t believe me on how hard your dick gets after smoking meth and you can cum in only 4 strokes now he’s an honorary member of the 4 stroke gang
by ChileDave June 1, 2018
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The Standard motions in most Internal Combustion Engines. Also the best way to treat a man.

My engine is a 4-Stroke.


I gave my BF the good ol' 4-stroke.
by Audi Quattro December 27, 2022
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