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A mothercino is a typically a rich, hot, caffe-latte drinking early mum in her early thirties who hangs around in inner city cafes with other mothercinos and their OshKosh B'gosh adorned toddlers who have names like "Sugar Blossom" or "Daisy Petal" or something equally vomit-inducing. They usually drive a large, expensive, new 4WD/SUV - often a Porsche Cayenne or a BMW X5. They can often be seen holding a baby, a banana and a mobile phone, and pushing a pram, inexplicably with only two hands. They are usually married to a young, successful lawyer or businessman, and demonstrate this with >1 carat diamonds and golden wedding bands, which they show each other often to compare.
Holy shit dude, this cafe is full of mothercinos! We ain't never gonna pick up here.
by hooshpartitions April 06, 2009
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Mothers who hang around cafes all day with their kids.

Usually at the cafes of public libraries or art galleries, they gossip with their friends while their children run around being loud, and their husbands run around elsewhere being rich.
(1) Damn, dude, that mothercino's a milf, but her noisy-ass kids have gotta get out of this cafe!

(2) "So, how was your outing, my dear son?"

"Urgh! The motherfucking cafe was full of fucking mothercinos!"

"Son! Please do not speak to your father that way!"

"Totes. Soz dawg. But seriously, them bitches better get outa my crib."


(3) "Hello, I'd like to order a mothercino, please."

"...Sorry sir, a mothercino?"

"Yeah. I'd like to order one OUT OF THIS GOD-DAMN CAFE."

"Order to take out... would you like to do that with a gun, a date, or a takeaway cup?"

"First the date, then the gun."

"No coffee?"

"No thanks"

"That'll be $3.50"
by Samizzle-ma-nizzle August 26, 2010
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