Verb: To dominate or completely kick a task or person's ass.

Best used when accompanied by a swipe of the hand and shake of head. Growl recommened.
I just mother-beared that presentation last Saturday.

Watch out punk or I'll mother-bear your ass.
by Bostan July 19, 2009
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Used when you are going to go do intense work.
"We're going to go Mother Bear that fence"
by QuestioningNinja July 19, 2009
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<MUH-thur bayr>

This is the TRUE definition of mother bear. Mother bear is used as an exclamation to show the highest or lowest (depending on the context) possible level for something to achieve. In other words, it represents the epitome of any adjective. All you have to do is use it in a simile or a metaphor (metaphors are much more common). For example, if something is ANGRIER THAN A MOTHER BEAR, it is not possible to be any angrier than that, period. If it is incredibly cold outside, like absolute zero, then it is COLDER THAN A MOTHER BEAR. Get it?
Dale: That joke that Jeff Foxworthy told last night was hilarious!

John: It wasn't was funnier than a mother bear!
by Jesus Fuckendoucher September 30, 2011
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It hurts like a mother bear has slashed your face off with her giant claws.
I just dropped something on my toe, and it hurts like a mother bear!
by MamaBeckman May 4, 2011
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