A rock band of the mid-to-late 1960s. The best known member was Frank Zappa. The band made six albums and did three tours, but was not economically successful, which led to such musical gems as "No Commercial Potential".

As musicians, however, the band was very successful and influenced much of late-'60s American rock. Among their better-known songs were "Brain Police", "suzy creamcheese", and "Kansas".
"Mothers" were too cool for America; hell, they were too cool for earth.
by zappafan July 11, 2004
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A woman with trust issues so intent on proving her spouse is cheating when they are not, they make constant accusations about them and other women, so eventually they drive their spouse into the arms of someone else
"Aye mate, that's me single, She was the Instrument of her own downfall. Accused me of having sex with all sorts when I wasn't. So what did I do to the Mother of Invention? I went Baw Deep in her sister and left."
by Jabbamac December 8, 2018
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