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1. anyone who would sexually assault the orifice from whence they came in act of dominance, revenge or random whimsical need in a serial manner.

2. anyone who would knowingly rape and pillage planet earth with abusive ecological acts through stupidity, whim or premeditated scenarios for fun or profit.
1. Stanley was a mad mother flocker as he hessed and posed and vented his perverse need to thrust into and seriously hump the life out of his mother.

2. Most multi-national corporations are mother flockers.
by Diogio Rome December 08, 2007
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1.The Alpha Female in a flock of sheep.

2. A person on social media that everybody follows.
1. Most of my sheep are descendants of one Mother flocker

2. It's amazing how many followers she has. She is the original Mother flocker
by Cheatmaster786 October 22, 2015
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