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A family name that derives from a very famous and important family from the Philippines. If you are so ever to run into a person of this last name. You should bow down in respect. Mortega = 1337 !
1)"Arise for here comes Mr. Mortega!"
2)"Can I get you anything Mrs. Mortega?"
3)"I worship the Mortega family."
by Arthur Mortega May 06, 2003
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The name of a towering beast akin to Godzilla. Although he exists in an alternate reality, if he were to visit the realm of Godzilla, he would surely punk him. He is described by those who have seen him as being 600 feet tall and sharp as a knife. In appearance, he is similar to that of an armadillo with praying mantis hands. His somewhat transparent digestive tract shows the slowly decaying victims that are dissolving in his toxic stomach acid.
1. Oh crap... here comes Mortega. It's time to fight for your life.

2. In a straight up one-on-one fisticuffs, Mortega would take Godzilla out Cro-Cop took out Bob Sapp.
by Brian Snakes Alive July 25, 2006
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