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The moment you wake up, you grab your phone and take a picture of yourself while still in bed.

The rule is you are not allowed to fix your hair, put on make-up, turn on the lights, or even remove the crusty stuff from your eyes. The first thing you will see will be the flash from the camera. Then you post the picture to social media.
Jane: Is that what you looked like when you woke up?

Tom: Yes. It was my morning selfie. It is the new trend, but not everyone has the guts to do it.
by Urban Guru March 14, 2015
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when someone posts a selfie to any social media in the morning, but puts on makeup and takes a shower before doing so. they then take the selfie and say whatever hipster crap they use. idiots actually believe that they just woke up so they fap to it.
stupid girl on social media: just woke up no kidding!!!! #beautiful #fabulous #nexttopmodel
socially awkward teen: woah ur so pretty! #fap2it
smart person: bet you got a shower and put on makeup before doing that "morning selfie" you #stupidbitch
by 40percentchicken January 27, 2015
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In reference to *Top meaning ; A common response to the visual reception to the posted morning selfie.
Jack woke up early that tuesday morn. As usual, he logged into The Facebook. The first post was by Jessica; she posted a morning selfie. As he waited for the picture to load, Jack noticed the morning wood in his shorts growing with every line on the picture (damn dial-up). In response to the newly loaded picture, Jack gave himself a Morning Selfie.
by tRy2bEaT_mE March 09, 2015
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