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1) To shit yourself in public, and not just a little shit, but an I just shit down the back of my legs and my socks are now soggy!

2) To get Moquined
To be asked to leave something. i.e. school, work, or party. To be dismissed against your own will.

3) Any new comer to a team or group of friends. They have no respect from fellow group members.
1) I thought i was going to fart, but i Moquined.

2) The university sent me a letter and Moquined me right outta school

3) Hey, you see that new fag trying out for the team?

Yeah what a fucking Moquin.
by C Bone & Tha Dizzel July 26, 2007
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To be a big boy in diapers.
Confused male who needs his mother to constantly lick his wounds after a vicious woman attack.

In retrospect usually, selfish and unrealistic. Stubborn, hates being wrong. But will eventually figure it out when it's too late.
"He moved back home with his mother to be 'Moquined' and have sense talked into him."
by Acon603 May 28, 2014
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