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The 'Moon Hoax' (also the 'Apollo Hoax' or 'Lunar Hoax') refers to the conspiracy theory that asserts that the US Apollo Moon landings were faked by NASA. This basic claim is usually offered founded on a number of further assertions, usually relating either to supposed 'inconsistencies' found in the imagery returned from the Moon; or to physical reasons why the landing could not have taken place. For example, a common claim is that no human being could survive the transit through the Van Allen radiation belts.
The thriller movie 'Capricorn One' tells the story of the hoaxing of a manned trip to Mars. It is based on the persistent moon hoax claims, and illustrates several of the common conspiracy arguments.
by Mostinius October 02, 2007
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A conspiracy theory that says the 6 moon landings were filmed in a Hollywood set or TV studio.

So hiring and paying 400,000+ "actors" to play scientists, engineers, technicians, doctors, factory workers, ground control staff, air space operators, astronomers, administration staff, security officers, astronauts, janitors, fake a moon landing movie in a span of 11 years and keep it a big juicy secret for almost 50 years sound reasonable?

Spending $109 BILLION dollars (adjusted to inflation) to make rockets and space crafts and then document the whole Apollo Program from 1961-1972 with thousands upon thousands of photographic evidence and footage only to fake the moon landing on a Hollywood movie set sound reasonable?

Spending $504 million dollars to launch a satellite in 2009 called the LRO that orbits the moon and has photographic evidence of all 6 moon landings, only to fake it with Photoshop sound reasonable?

Are you saying that since 1961 NOT one single whistleblower pulled an Edward Snowden, leave the country, and tell the world NASA is a fraud?

Are you implying that the Soviets were too stupid to figure out the Apollo Program was fake?

The most important question to ask any conspiracy theorist is "What kind of evidence do you need to make you think otherwise?" If you provide the evidence and they are still not convinced, you are wasting your time.
Conspiracy Nut: "I believe in the moon hoax and people never landed on the moon."
Average IQ person: "What kind of evidence do you need?"
Conspiracy Nut: "Pictures"
Average IQ person: "Google them!"
Conspiracy Nut: "Not enough"
Average IQ Person: "Don't ever talk to me again."
by jigsaw2017 April 01, 2017
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