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mookiepoo can and will be used in any of the following forms:

1. Noun; a "mookiepoo" is someone who cuddles, snuggles, nestles, or lies close to another person and loves every comforting, heart-warming minute of it.

2. Verb; the act of mookiepooing; to "mookiepoo" means to cuddle, snuggle, nestle, lie with, or embrace

Other forms also used, stemming from the original form "mookiepoo" - mookiepooer,
mookiepooers, mookiepooing, mookiepoo'n, mookiepooish, mookiepooly, mookiepoos, mookiepood, mookiepooest, mookiepoo'y, mookiepooiest
Rose is the original mookiepoo. She enjoys mookiepoo'n and long mookiepoos on the beach.

Joy wanted to get her mookiepoo on, but Holly just wasn't in the mood.

I felt all warm and fuzzy inside when I was voted the mookiepooiest mookiepoo of all mookiepooers.
by DaJinjaNinja March 12, 2010
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