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when random squirrels jump up and down in a parade to celebrate thanks giving mixed with quanzonikaistmas. (all the holidays into 1) the squirrels enjoy getting drunk and mate with purple goats. this only happens once every 1000 years.

a chinese man tried to mate with the squirrels and unfortunately was never seen again, all that was found was his glasses and a condom.
I got so drunk i had to celebrate mookentooken with my grandma, it was worse then cutting off my forskin and using it as floss. :S
by blofnwdfjwdgienwgoetjger January 02, 2011
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Special coin needed for cows to ride the subway.
Out of mookentookens, the herd ended up hitchhiking, with little success.
by Guernsy May 16, 2016
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