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the best f'n city in the state of California.
where the girls are hot and the dudes are funny and sweet.
where everything is nearby and there is always something to do.
dang man i wish i lived in montebello
by cali cali May 21, 2009
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A gross, ghetto-filled city of nothing exciting. Home of the Montebello Town Center a.k.a. Mall stuck in a time warp of the 70s. Will remind you of a city in Mexico. Just gross. Girls from Montebello all aspire to be teachers, but could learn a lot in the way of life themselves. Girls from Montebello get dumped by their boyfriends like a bad habit, then when they come sniffing around again for an easy piece, they take them back faster than you can blink! To keep these loser men, they will allow them to shack up with them in an attempt to be a sugar mama & gain affection. "Men" need them but do not want them. Girls from Montebello are fugly & try to have class & style, but are as ugly as the mole on your Aunt Fuli's upper lip!
That girl is so ugly! She must be from Montebello.
by your ex<i'm the one>your next November 29, 2011
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A small rich white town right next suffern filled with rich sluts and assholes. Mainly composed of the montebello pines filled with mac-mansions and a few other neighborhood.
How is that slut so rich? she lives in montebello that exlains it
by Babykidxxoo July 12, 2011
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