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the poorest, dirtiest, and crappiest school in L.O.C (london, ontario, canada). Gets no respect from any other school or adults or even its own teachers. We're the future and excel in the business of McDonald's. About 50% or less make it to College/University. 60% of the kids are immigrants, 30% are asian, 30% are white, 5% are black, and another 5% are hispanic
where do you goto?
dont talk to me!
by word September 09, 2004
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The best high school in London, Ontario. Shit, we're fuckin' awesome. We've got these video announcements broadcasted live by other students, and we've got plenty of extra-curricular stuff. Our volleyball and basketball teams are awesome, we've got full-sized lockers, two music rooms, a dance studio, a kick-ass drama room, a big-ass auditorium, a big-ass cafeteria, a big-ass gym, and a small gym as well. We've got the coolest teachers, biggest change-rooms out of all high-schools in the city, the best student council ever, and that one narrow hallway for some reason.
Dude, do you go to Montcalm?
You're awesome! I wish I could be like you and go to the cool high school as opposed to that shitty school I go to!
by Super_Awesome_Backflip November 28, 2011
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