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montada : is a very public Arabic form . and the best one of the forms and the oldest , people in it is very cute and sweet and has an estimated 376,000 registered members and has more than 80 different forums or boards ,It is considered one of the most active Arabic internet forums. Montada is one of a network of websites run by an Information Technology company called Remal. The forum is powered by the vBulletin internet forum software.

history about montada
In the year 2000, Montada emerged as one of the earliest quality Arabic internet forums. It has been administrated and run by many people through out the past seven years (all assigned by Remal). It is moderated by volunteer members who qualify for the task. Since it's start, Montada has greatly expanded. New forums were added and others were expanded into subforums. As of October 2006, more than 450,000 threads were created.
form community
There are many boards or forums in Montada, focusing on many interests, fields, and subjects. There are active political and business news , general discussion, Islamic, entertainment, technological, computer designing, and arts boards. More active boards include the Anime and sports boards. Cinemac, a board concerned with discussion and revision of movies and TV shows (both Arabic and international) is also a very popular destination to members of the forum. Perhaps the most active and visited board is the gaming board, which attracts almost a third of Montada's daily visitors and registered members. The gaming forums are backed by the known Arabic gaming website, Games4Arab. It has many subforums, each assigned to a gaming console and one assigned to PC gaming and hardware and others dedicated to MMORPG games like World of Warcraft. The gaming forums, alone, have more than 25 moderators. Montada has about 70 moderators. The members who spend efforts in the forum are usually awarded with special memberships (with extended accessiblity and controls) and occasionally emblems and title
the montada is the best site and it is an example of the arabic forms
by nadershakhsher November 18, 2006
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