To monopolize a situation as a dominant force.

Taken from the words "monopolize" and "dominate", the word monopolate is a combination word that has been used as a term in sexual bondage.

References to the term are used in conjunction with role play where the dominant partner has any number of sexual submission devices at hand to subdue his/her partner.
Ken steadily monopolated Barbie, first by tying her down, and then by affixing a collar to her neck. He leashed the collar to her nipple clamps and began thrashing her with his leather whip while she first screamed for mercy, then slowly began begging him to penetrate her.
by Francesca Fiore October 13, 2009
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To take up one's time in their busy life.
She was monopolizing his time with kayaking adventures.
by Jenn May 9, 2003
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To completely dominate or control in a sexual manner
“ you’re too cute when you look like that. It makes me want to monopolize you. “
by pleb. December 16, 2017
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v.t. - verb transitive

1. to get, have or exploit a monopoly of.
2. to get or occupy the whole of; aquire exclusive possession or control of.
Amanda has been monopolizing the conversation all night.
by surfer girl May 6, 2005
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To monopolize and manipulate at the same time. The action of taking hold of any and all angles to ensure your victory.
In order to get what you want all opportunities must be monopolated in your favor.
by NarLanMarLor May 26, 2015
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1.) Making out or otherwise engaging in sexual activities.
2.) Ridiculously long board game.
Me and steph, yea we MONOPOLIZED allllll night!
by cutie mccutiepants September 6, 2007
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adj.: boring as well as time-consuming, as an activity or person
Sitting at a desk all day with nothing to do is so monopolous
by Aleta Moorhouse January 10, 2009
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