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Drama amongst monogamous couples. Driven mainly by jealousy over the fear of infidelity. Monogodrama when seen in groups works as a plague. It typically involves a best friend(s) backing the supposed victim and friends of the perpetrator likewise supporting him/her. Sides are taken tears are shed. Often times this involves a girl in the corner balling her eyes out to her obese single girlfriend consoling her. In the morning when every one is sober the couple that invoked the drama are having makeup sex and the rest of the couples are still arguing over monogodrama in there own relationships. After the dust has settled all couples blame the single obese girl. Next weekend the same scenario will repeat with a few minor character changes.
"How was the party last night? Oh don't ask, me and Kristie got involved in Monogodrama because that slut Tristen is always flirting with Belinda's husband Gabe."

"Why are you looking at the waitresses ass, its because Im fat?
by Hotthumbs69 December 06, 2014
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