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verb: To severely beat somebody in the same fashion and manner as a monkey or ape i.e. with the sides of the fist and forearms, usually in a downward flailing motion. Usually, but not always, said by someone (typically a male) who has hefty forearms and fists that resemble a monkey.

Also, when the attacker is monkey beating someone he is usually does so with little restraint or care for himself or his victim.
"If you change the channel from the Golden Girls I swear to God I will monkey beat you until you are nothing but a wet stain on this carpet!"
by Yeah Prolly January 23, 2012
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Music that typically black people listen to

Sounds like it's from the Jungle of Africa

Simliar if not the same as Jungle Beats
Whoa.. those crazy black guys are listening to Monkey Beats!
by TroyG February 14, 2006
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To team up on a single person with about two others, who most likey curled up on the ground but can be standing, and to slap then over and over. Usually used for everyone's amusement.
Jesse, Curtis and I all monkey beat Anthony
by Mars November 21, 2004
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