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damn, wearing that monkey suit was was like 110 in the shade....that's the last time I get married in July!
by Hipster May 21, 2007
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Purpose: to create an atmosphere of "uniformity", or, compliance, if you will. E.g. Scrubs: pink = nurses. navy blue = techs (nurses aides, etc), teal green (OMG, surgeons), purple (I, don't know...maybe housekeeping/custodians), let's see, then there is the cafeteria staff.......A monkey suit is a uinform that one wears to work every day. The military does it, sanitary engineers do it...I could go on. Benefit: Does save money on duds.
by trukidlaw August 23, 2009
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Any set of all black clothing worn when a covert or illegal/illicit activity is about to or is taking place to hide one's identity or to advoid detection while moving at night.
"We gone put on our monkey suits and be waitin right in yo bushes"-Plies
by west-hel July 23, 2008
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A suit used to convert one's outward appearance to the guise of a monkey. This term was most prevalent in the inspirational movie "Going Bananas" in which Bonzo, a midget woman from Los Angeles encounters an identity crisis, eventually winning the US Open all while fooling America into thinking she was a 7 year old monkey tennis champion.
Jim: You, sir, are wearing a monkey suit!
Marbles: (Tosses monkey excrement at Jim)
by Jerry the Gerbilizer February 05, 2005
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