An often spoiled little bad ass.

Although a bad spirited being they tend to be extremely smart.

I need to date me a Monjae, damn those boys are smart!
by mike1083 August 29, 2008
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a beautiful woman with a good heart black curly hair and beautiful eyes

smart, funny and also a good person
by selfischgyaaal January 2, 2017
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An incredibly likable girl. Laughs at pretty much anything she gets her hands on. Usually thinks she's the coolest person around and speeds around EVERYWHERE with her chocolate milk.
Also pretty bad at biology.
Your'e acting like such a Monja in this class dude.
Show Tammy that meme and shell be like a Monja.
by Tortug0 May 7, 2018
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When you are telling someone to 'eat' you say, "Monja!"
by Geez July 7, 2006
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Monja, a extremely hilarious and asian as fuck lady who's the best acquaintance you'll ever meet
Mono: man Monja that was pretty funny

Flare: she's gay

Mono: and asian
by MVMONO October 3, 2017
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A literal ANGEL, she is the best friend anyone can ever habe. When you walk with her, it doesn't matter who is against you cause they ain't shit. She supports you more that your dad and is worth more that alcohol. This girl is gold! When you have a Monja as you Bestii<3 nothing else matters cause you know she aint messing with you, she is a goddess!
Girls can only dream to have a Monja.
What a unique person, muat be a Monja
by Manny_Montana_ Is_Life November 23, 2021
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