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Mongosexual: (adj.) Ones self-realization that their confused state of sexual identity is a result of FB and a 1960s television series containing 7 very different people stranded on an island.
Due to an odd situation, I had to admit my inability to have a relationship outside of FB, coupled with my addiction to a certain 1960s television series, leading me down a path of attempting some mongosexual behavior.

Lyrics by Just Frank 2012:
<Verse 1>
Well it occurred ta me - Juss laz nite
Everybody out there - Always wantin’ ta be right

They wanna tell me bout da way - Dey usin’ Dey junk
But it don’t confront me - How you leavin’ yo spunk

So I went to my girl - Cuz she up on what’s down
I told her that I’m steppin’ off - But feelin’ like a clown

As everybody on da FB - Got a label but me
Wontcha hep a brotha out, now - And tells me what to be?

She say Daddy you alright - But ya gettin’ kinda old
Like a stale piece of white bread - Wit a little bit o’ mold

If you wanna get real - And join the human race
You must look in the mirror - And see yo’ face


And know you MONGOSEXUAL - I say you MONGOSEXUAL

Not tryin’ to disrespect ya - Cuz I knows you got some taste
But everbody all around you - Just a wantin’ dey space

<Verse 2 & 3 Won't Fit!!!>
by Just Frank November 23, 2013
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