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A phrase originally coined by David Lettereman, during the writers' strike in the late 80s. He was referring to the T.V. and movie companies that refused to accept the writers guild's offer.

Today, there are many other instances of money grubbing scum causing problems for working people. Big businesses so often putting profits before the interests of people.
A common example: A big corporation moved their factory to China, eliminating 1000s of American jobs, the money grubbing scum C.E.O. received a huge bonus.

Money grubbing scum is destroying the American dream for many working people, by eliminating good paying jobs and weakening unions.

Also, Wal-mart is one of the worst cases of money grubbing scum in the history of retail! Those heartless anti-American bastards are one of China's top 5 customers!
by Charles_U_Farley July 15, 2009
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