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A mompetitor is a woman drawn into the competitive arena of motherhood by simply giving birth to her first child. Mompetitors have ready access to height, weight, age of potty training prowess, SAT scores, and other personal statistics of their children so that they can compare with other mompetitors at any time. See also mompetition.
The mompetitors took their seats at the Honor roll assembly, each quickly scanning the program to count the number of awards their child would be receiving in comparison to the others.
by Old Tweener February 19, 2011
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a mom who ascribes to be perfect and better in every way then the other mothers she encounters in her community- and who constantly preaches her parenting methodology to other moms to the extent that it is obvious their validation comes from convincing themselves they are doing a good job at childrearing
you are at the playground with your kids. a casual chat begins between you and another mom. she asks you if your two year old is potty trained- when you reply your child i still in diapers, the mompetitor in her becomes apparent when she tells you how she toilet trained her kid at six months and a seal just died because of how much space your kid's butt is taking up in landfills.
by jbestica June 12, 2012
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